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The future of patient service


Last updated on Aug 20, 2023

One year ago, my co-founder Michael Rubio and I noticed that relying exclusively on phone calls and email in medical practices caused severe and expensive bottlenecks for patient service. Email wasn't built for teams, phone calls are a solo sport, and practices lacked a way to centralize and manage both. At the same time, channels to support, service and engage existing and new patients - SMS, live chat, social media - were underutilized, with reliance on phone calls and emails putting strain on patient-facing teams.

Our founding team of talented builders created the front desk for medical practice to solve these issues, offering helpful, fast, transparent interactions with patients across channels. We wanted to create a platform with simplicity at its core - familiar enough to be used right off the bat for talking with patients on all channels, but powerful and flexible enough to implement advanced workflows over time.

Practice teams are being forced to adapt to new and urgent challenges brought on by economic headwinds and swift technological advancements. Pressure from the market to do more with a fixed budget, or more with less in some cases. Deploying readily-available technologies underutilized in practice carries a big promise to make your teams more productive than ever, providing the ability to address both simple and complex patient conversations gracefully and rapidly.

Patient service is no longer about optimizing how one person communicates with the patient. It’s about how well your teams work together to drive great patient experiences.

The future of Plait is the future of patient service

Patient service encompasses all of the teams, tools, and workflows required to deliver exceptional end-to-end patient experience.

Plait is more than just a communication tool. Communication is the tip of the iceberg, but so many things are required to deliver great communication: collaboration, automation, workflows, knowledge management, analytics, and more.

Going beyond communication has been a big focus of ours over the last quarter. We’ve brought new power to the Plait workspace for practice teams with five powerful new tools in today’s update.

1. Plait AI

AI-generated reply suggestions, improve messages with professional and friendly re-drafts, and concise conversation summaries inside private notes, all with full agent oversight.

2. Plait Bots

HIPAA-compliant natural language bots automate answers to common questions and generate forms for collecting the data needed from common requests before handoff to the practice team.

3. Plait Translate

Right-click any message in a conversation and translate it to English, or to the language of your Plait workspace.

4. Priority

Right-click and label any conversation based on urgency, helping to ensure the most important conversations are handled promptly.

5. Workspace Apps

Embed your other work apps directly inside your Plait workspace to provide greater context for your practice team and save them a ton of time from context switching.

A new era

This new era of patient service needs solutions that bring together the capabilities, context, and the automation practice teams need to provide consistent, high-quality patient service. From the front lines all the way to the back office, the front desk team, provider team, operations team, every team involved in patient service holds a piece of the puzzle.

See the Plait Changelog for a list of updates

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